Become a Senda Ambassador


Senda ambassadors are individuals who are part of their local soccer community and believe in Senda’s philosophy of creating positive change through soccer. They create fun awareness activities and reach out to local clubs, schools and soccer organizations about the impact of Fair Trade in soccer.

Senda Ambassador receive:
·  Senda training or match ball  ·  Senda t-shirt ·  Business cards & postcards

·  Join an international community using soccer to change lives
·  Learn about grassroots marketing, and add the experience to your resume
·  Be eligible to participate in Senda events, product testing, and be considered for company internships

Want to become an Ambassador?
Fill in our ambassador form below. The best applicants are original, creative and show us why you would be the perfect fit.

Because we receive a lot of applications for becoming a Senda ambassador, we cannot accept everyone. Thanks for understanding!