Fantastic Futsal, Part 1: Futsal vs. Outdoor Soccer

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first post of our blog series that will introduce you to the fantastic sport of futsal. If you’re currently asking yourself, “What in the wide, wonderful world of sports is futsal?”, then make sure to keep reading because this post will answer exactly that question! This post and the accompanying video will explain the basic differences between futsal and soccer.

I won’t go over everything that is said in the video as Ryan does a better job of detailing the nuances of futsal than I can do in just a few sentences, but here are some important points. Futsal is very similar to normal 11-on-11 soccer, except for a few key differences:

Playing field: futsal field is indoors and has much smaller dimensions; it resembles a basketball court

Futsal Court

Futsal Court

Players: futsal has 5 players playing at a given time; 1 keeper, 4 outfield players

Regulations: futsal doesn’t have throw-ins, but rather kick-ins

Time: futsal halves are 20 minutes each; each team gets one timeout per game

Substitutions: unlimited and do not require a stoppage in play


Please watch the video to get a better grasp of how futsal and soccer are related. Ryan does an excellent job introducing the basics of the sport and uses diagrams to make it easy to follow. Watch the video below to get a visual overview of futsal.

Well, that’s it for this week’s post in our futsal blog series. Join us next week when we’ll discuss the many benefits of futsal!

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