Join Senda, and See Firsthand an LA Galaxy warmup with Beckham and Co.

Senda’s founder Santiago Halty recently had a chance to see David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Robbie Kean and the LA Galaxy get ready for a 2012 MLS “All or nothing” Playoff game. It was a fantastic experience to see how World-class players prepare for crucial games, in an environment of hostility, and high-pressure. Here is the video we want to share with you:

Right before the game, David Beckham announced he would end his career with the LA Galaxy, and some speculated that he would going to retire afterwards. He recently announced that he would leave the MLS to continue playing in a different league, which has yet to be announced.

We had a chance to show Beckham and several  LA Galaxy players a Senda Fair Trade soccer ball!  Many were intrigued about our products and mission. Now we need to get a few of them to start playing with them in the off season…

Beckham has a long, prestigious, and controversial  career, and has become a soccer and marketing icon. He started playing professionally with Manchester United in 1992 at age 17. He  has since played for Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, and the L.A. Galaxy. Beckham has played over 100 games for the English National team, playing in 3 World Cups (’98, ’02, ’06), and missing the 2010 World Cup due to a torn Achilles tendon.

It will be interesting to see where Beckham will continue his career as a player, and if he will return to the MLS as a team owner or manager. Meanwhile, we will continue to work to see if  we can see him bending a Senda Fair Trade ball, perhaps at an upcoming charity game..

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