Meet Our Producers

At Senda, we believe that happier people make better soccer balls. We don’t see our workers are merely labor inputs, but hard-working people who deserve to make a good living.


In May of 2012, Senda’s founder Santiago Halty took a trip to Sialkot, Pakistan to see the Senda factory where the balls are made. Read his blog posts here:

  1. First Impressions – Santiago explains his trip to Pakistan, his first impression of the workers, and his expectations for the trip.
  2. Shukriya means Thank You – Santiago shares the present he “made” for the workers.
  3. Meet Hassan – Santiago meets the “friendly face” behind Senda’s brochures and flyers.
  4. Fair Price Shop – Santiago sees the Fair Price Shop, a community project funded by Fair Trade premiums.
  5. Joint Body Meeting – Santiago participates in a Joint Body Meeting, where he sees how the workers decide which community projects should be funded.
  6. Playing Soccer with the Locals – Santiago explains the importance of interacting with the locals during travel.