Our Soccer Balls

All of Senda’s soccer balls are top quality and certified Fair Trade.

Fair Trade standards ensure that our ball producers meet social, economic and environmental criteria (the full standard is available here). These include ensuring that all workers in the supply chain – factory workers and stitchers – receive at least the national minimum wage; that there is no child labour involved in production; that the health and safety of workers is safeguarded.

Furthermore, producers receive an additional sum of money – the Fair Trade Premium for community and economic development projects. Through the Fairtrade premium, workers and stitchers are able to improve the lives of their families and their communities’ health, education and livelihood opportunities.



Senda soccer balls have an imported PU cover that is hand-stitched to ensure accuracy and maximum durability on the field. Balls come in sizes 3, 4 and 5, and they can be used for the highest levels of competition, including high school and college leagues, as well as youth soccer leagues.

Soccer Ball Size Player Age* Ball circumference (approx.)
1/Mini/Skills All ages 18″ – 20″
2/Midi All ages 20″ – 22″
3 Under 8 23″ – 24″
4 8 – 12 25″ – 26″
5 12 and up 27″ – 28″

*Player Age values are suggestions. Please check with your coach or organization to determine what size ball you will need.

The Best Soccer Ball Depends on Your Purpose


There are several things to consider before buying the perfect soccer ball:

SIZE: Age 8 and under, size 3. Ages 8-12, size 4. Age 13 and older size 5 is advisable. Size 4 is most common for indoor soccer, with its smaller field and goals.

CONSTRUCTION: Most good soccer balls are stitched, the best ones stitched by hand. High quality balls have latex bladders, which give them a softer and more accurate touch compared to butly bladders.

SEEK ADVICE: Talk to coaches or advanced players and let them advice you on the best type of ball for you.

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