Our Story

Argentina raised Santiago Halty fell in love with soccer at age 4, and he has used it to connect with people from all over the World ever since.  Realizing that the equipment used to play the game was not always made in fair conditions, he started Senda in 2010. He also wanted to promote soccer as a tool to improves peoples’ lives.

The vision

To make premium quality soccer products that respect the people who make them and the environment, and promote soccer as a tool to improve lives.

Thanks to the support of Senda’s customers, the company can help provide good working conditions and fair wages to the people making our products, and to support with brand new gear for nonprofits using soccer to transform their communities.

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Our Mission:

Make top quality Fair Trade soccer equipment that connects and benefits athletes, and to promote sports as a tool for development.

Our Vision:

Make the most ethical and quality soccer product possible, while contributing to nonprofits focusing on people building self-esteem through soccer.

Our Commitment:

Make high quality products that help players perform to their maximum ability.

Provide fair wages and safe working conditions to those making our products.

Support organizations using soccer to improve their communities.