Our Story

After moving to the U.S. to pursue a new life and education, Argentina-born Santiago found solace in soccer and its community. The ability to connect with people through the sport helped him see the power of the game in a new light, but he discovered that something wasn’t quite right about the soccer industry.

Senda was created in 2010 after the realization that too much money was being spent on soccer advertisements and endorsements and too little on quality materials and wages for workers. Fierce competition has forced major brands to pay less to workers and pay more to famous athletes. Instead, Senda customers help provide living wages to workers, giving them the freedom to focus on craftsmanship. No exceptions.

Senda aims to bring back the grassroots passion for the game. By breaking from industry rules, you are empowered to fully support Fair Trade efforts as well as organizations that use the game to bring the joy of soccer to those in need.

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Our Mission:

Make quality Fair Trade soccer balls that help spread joy and passion while improving the lives of those who play with our equipment and those who make it.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make the highest quality, ethically-made gear and to build a movement that transforms the way people interact with the game.

Our Commitment:

Make high quality products that help players perform to their maximum ability.

Provide fair wages and safe working conditions to those making our products.

Support organizations using soccer to improve their communities.