Sam Cronin, SJ Earthquakes midfielder, testing the Senda Fair Trade Soccer Balls

After Sam Cronin attended our pre-launch party in San Francisco December 2010, he became one of the very first supporters of Senda. Sam was one of the first guests to arrive, and he chatted with most of the soccer fans who came to celebrate with us the beginning of Senda’s journey.

Right before leaving, Sam told us: “Love what you guys are doing, let me know if I can help in any way.”

We asked him if he would be able to help us test our soccer balls, to make sure we are always making the best quality balls for each playing category.

Sam was more than happy to help out, and we last month in beautiful San Francisco. We spent the afternoon testing the Valor,
Apex and Rapido ball models.

And the verdict is?

We started playing with the Apex model, which is NFHS certified, and the match ball we designed for competitive players who want a ball with great touch. Sam liked how the ball responded to quick touches, and also the soft feel.

Secondly, we took out the Rapido ball model, which is currently the best ball we make. Sam recognized the feel of a high quality ball, and was pleasantly surprised with how the ball traveled during long crosses and passes, and the reaction off a players feet.

Finally, we have him the Valor model, which is our ball for players of all ages and levels, and ideal for practices and pickups. He said: ” It’s a great ball for anyone looking for a ball to play with friends or to practice, and the type of ball I used when playing casually with friends!”


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