Apex XLS Match Soccer Ball



Great values meet top-notch performance. The Apex XLS is Senda’s upscale match soccer ball, which can be used by players, clubs, and high schools that compete at the highest level. The Apex XLS is NFHS stamped and certified. Designed with ¬†high-contrast graphics and colors for superior visibility on the field. This design helps players track the movement of the ball on the air and the ground faster, allowing for quicker responses.¬†Constructed for superior flight and bounce, with an abrasion-resistant cover ideal for artificial turf fields.

You will not be the only one in a state of pure joy because you got the Apex XLS! Fair wages will bring hope and joy to the ball stitchers, and their families.

Warranty: 2 year
Cover Material: 1.5 mm thick PU
Bladder: latex
Construction: hand stitched