B Corporation Soccer Ball



A member of the B Corporation community, Senda Athletics has made an awesome Red Valor training ball in honor of their worthy mission.

B Corps meet rigorous social and environmental standards. B Corps create greater economic opportunity, strengthen local communities, and preserve the environment. B Corps – a better way to do business.

The Valor is an ideal practice ball and is suitable for players of all ages. Coaches, parents, and players who want an affordable everyday ball will be delighted with the durable construction and color schemes of the Valor. Made with butyl bladder for extended air retention.

Knowing that the ball gives back to the people who produce it will make your goals even more special!

For more information, visit: info@SendaAthletics.com

Warranty: 1 year
Cover Material: 1.2 mm thick PU
Bladder: butyl
Construction: hand stitched