Hear what people are saying about Senda

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Holy Names University

[Senda Balls] just felt right to the touch. It didn’t have the stickiness you get on some balls. The weight feels really good… [Fair Trade] is a sign that manufacturers on the other end are treating their workers the right way, creating a more sustainable economy.

Holy Names University use Senda Apex Match Balls

Who’s using Senda Fair Trade soccer balls?

UC Merced

I think the Senda balls are really spectacular. I like how they feel on your foot, when you shoot, when you pass… [Fair trade] means not exploiting people, giving them a fair opportunity, paying them what they deserve.

UC Merced use Senda Rapido Premier Balls

Soccer Monkeys

I’m proud that my club is using Senda fair trade soccer balls. [Senda soccer balls] are a good quality product… and it is important to think about being aware of where the ball comes from.

Soccer Monkeys use Senda Valor XLS Training Balls)”

East Bay United

[The Senda ball] feels natural. Sometimes the ball is too light or too heavy; it has a good feel to it… It is important for our kids to know that the soccer balls they are playing with manufactured in a fair way.

East Bay United use Senda Valor XLS Training Balls.

Here is an even larger list of some of the organizations using Senda Fair Trade soccer balls.