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Senda’s Offices in Berkeley

Come swing by our offices in Downtown Berkeley! We are located at 2130 Center Street, Suite 10, Berkeley, CA 94704.

Pick up one of our Fair Trade soccer balls in person or try on some apparel in our new showroom. We’ve got a foosball table as well! Everyone’s always welcome (within business hours of course…)!

Don’t miss out on your chance to play with that Senda Fair Trade soccer ball before purchasing it. This is also a perfect opportunity to come meet some members of our amazing Senda Team! See you in Berkeley!

AdministratorSenda’s Offices in Berkeley

Fantastic Futsal, Part 4: Futsal Formations

It’s that time again! Did you miss us? Well, in any case, welcome to the fourth installment of our blog series in which we seek to unravel that glorious game called futsal. This week we’re discussing formations – you know – those crazy squiggles and shapes that you would barely pay attention to when your coach would diagram them on a whiteboard. Yeah, those things. Well, in this week’s post and related video, we promise not to bore you. Ryan makes formations and tactics actually exciting! So watch the video below to see him in action.


AdministratorFantastic Futsal, Part 4: Futsal Formations