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Celebrating the other Heroes of the Game: BORP Power Soccer

borp-logo   On June 4th-5th, the Bay Area Outreach Program (BORP) Power Soccer hosted their final games of the season in Berkeley, California. Many teams answered the call to rejoice around the passion for playing, including the Thunderchairs who came all the way from Canada! The Shockers had some shining moments, and The Crushers achieved amazing results thanks to their new strategy, but overall each team and every single player performed spectacular soccer.   Power Soccer is the first competitive team sport designed and developed specifically for everyone who uses a power wheelchair. Power Soccer combines the skills of the person with the speed and power of the chair, to create a fun, competitive, and accessible opportunity to play the most popular sport in the world. Power Soccer is a team sport that helps build character through teamwork, communication, training, perseverance, and good sportsmanship.   Game   Sendahas been a proud support of BORP and Power Soccer for several years. Part of the reasons why we put so much energy into our business is to be able to better empower such organizations and wonderful people that help spread the joy of soccer to everybody. Senda just released its latest Power Soccer Ball, which received great feedback from the players who were very satisfied with the weight of the ball, perfectly adapted to their game style.   BORP_Team We are looking forward to the next Power Soccer season and are excited about this ever growing community of inspiring athletes sharing the passion for soccer. Stay tuned, get involved and support Power Soccer Teams at Video courtesy of GoPro

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