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Fantastic Futsal, Part 2: Benefits of Futsal

We’re back! This is Part Two of our blog series about futsal. This week, we will go over the many benefits that this sport provides to its players. The video that goes along with this post can be found below. Now just because there’s a video doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also continue reading!

The first advantage of futsal is the ease of finding a place to play. You can play indoors or outdoors, as long as your location has a relatively flat playing surface. Basketball courts, tennis courts, grassy fields, or any type of open space will fit the bill just fine. Any type of open space will work, so don’t worry too much about finding the perfect futsal field. Just get out there and play!

The second benefit of futsal is the speed of play. The pace of the game is a lot faster than 11-on-11 soccer. The average player makes 60 decisions with the ball in each game of futsal, whereas in full-fledged soccer matches, players typically make only 20-30 decisions. The higher frequency of these split-second decisions in futsal can dramatically improve your game.

The third and perhaps most significant benefit of futsal is the creativity that it fosters. The smaller dimensions of the futsal court require that players make changes in their styles of play. With the tight spaces of the futsal court, there is nowhere to hide. You are forced to take players on and try to beat them 1-on-1. In this way, players learn to seek out, rather than avoid, confrontation on the pitch. Futsal inspires players to beat their defender with a nifty bit of skill instead of making the obvious pass. These skills you acquire from futsal are applicable on the soccer pitch as well. This claim is backed up by the success of international soccer superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Ronaldinho. Much of the dominance these players have over world soccer can be attributed to their immaculate close control and mind-blowing tricks they use to beat defenders. And it is almost a certainty that they first acquired these skills not on the soccer pitch, but from maneuvering in small playing areas in their respective countries.

Of course, these are just some of the many benefits of futsal. Please share with us any additional advantages you see to playing this fantastic sport!

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