"Futbol Unites Us:" Freestylers Come Together with a Senda Limited Fair Trade Ball

Senda is excited to share this blog post from our ambassador and freestyler, Anthony Dillard, expressing his passion for soccer through amazing tricks and presenting some other outstanding members of this community. Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.43.29 AM "My name is Anthony Dillard and I’m a Senda Ambassador and soccer freestyler. Recently, I had the opportunity to gather up some of my closest friends of the soccer freestyle community to do a ' Futbol Unites Us' video. The first freestyler featured in the video is Kaleb Day. About a year ago, by the use of Instagram, I found an upcoming soccer freestyler from the state of Alabama. At the time I lived in Memphis, so it would be a four-hour drive to meet him. I decided to go! I had an awesome time, and since then, Kaleb has been an awesome friend who inspires me to strive for my best. He has a natural talent with soccer tricks and is really good at 'lowers' which is using the lower part of the body to achieve crazy movement tricks. Kaleb has been called the ' Alabama Freestyle King' and I back that 100%! I am grateful to have a friend like Kaleb who I can talk, laugh, and freestyle with." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oc_KcsqtKc   "The second person featured in the video is Caitlyn Schrepfer. I had the pleasure to meet Caitlyn at the 2014 USA Soccer Freestyle Championships in Seattle. I had previously seen her tricks in a couple of videos, but meeting her in person was awesome. I was amazed by her skill level. Caitlyn freestyles in California and finished her freshmen year at Whittier College where she played a year of college soccer. Caitlyn has an incredible future ahead of her with freestyle, so make sure to keep up with her future posts!  In the video, Caitlyn kicks the ball to me, and I then send it off to one of my favorite people!" " Khoa Nguyen is a freestyler I have followed for years on social networks! He has unbelievable talent and control recognized internationally, but beyond that he is definitely one of the nicest and most encouraging people you could ever meet. As I was a beginning freestyler, Khoa would watch all my posted videos, give me praise for tricks that were executed well, and give me advice for getting better. I took his advice seriously and he would note improvements on later posted videos. Not only did I get the opportunity to meet Khoa in Seattle but I also got to compete against him in the first round of the USA championship! Khoa won the entire championship that year, but also he expressed so much excitement at my performance in our battle together. Competing against one of my freestyle Idols in my first ever competition is something I’ll never forget. Now in 2015 Khoa was AGAIN named USA championship in Chicago!" "All the people mentioned in this article are people that I am united with through life and I am so glad to have them represented in the ' Futbol Unites Us' campaign! Special thanks to Ben Brubaker who crafted this awesome video! Sincerely, Anthony Dillard" Thank you to all who contributed to making this stunning video and article. Check out @AnthonyLDillard, @KalebSDay and @FreeStyleSoccerKT for more videos. We created the limited edition “Futbol Unites Us” ball with the help of our design team and ball customizing tool. Custom_Customized_Ball If you are interested in making custom soccer balls for your team, club, league or organization, please visit our Custom soccer ball web pageto get started. It’s fun and easy to do!

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