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Senda 5 Year Anniversary Celebrations in NorCal!

On December 5th 2015  Senda Athletics celebrated our 5th birthday with an exciting Footgolf tournament in San Leandro, California. Senda was started with a clear goal: disrupt the industry by embracing Fair Trade, bringing back craftsmanship, promoting joyfully playing, and improving lives along the way.

Our team, non profit soccer partners and customer unite to turn the current business model of soccer on its head. The model of major brands paying players millions for endorsements, while going to the developing world and making factories compete to offer them the lowest price (often at the expense of workers) is a broken model that needs to be changed.

It was touching and encouraging to be surrounded by so many supporters who have been critical to our success over the years. We celebrated half a decade of building community, embracing Fair Trade, and changing paradigms through the beautiful game.

We invited our nonprofit soccer partners, as well as supporters and customers who believed in bringing the Fair Trade model to the soccer industry.  We know that we have to keep making the best possible soccer balls and equipment in order to have a positive impact, AND we also know that we have to build the social impact we want to achieve into the core of our business model, rather than as a side initiative, in order to truly change the way business works for good.


For this celebration we debuted a new backdrop featuring streetfootballworld, Soccer Without Borders, Street Soccer USA, BORP Power Soccer, Bcorporation and Fair Trade USA as opposed to your normal corporate sponsors in soccer. We wanted to shift from the norm, and  shine light on ChangeMakers that don't always get all the recognition and exposure they deserved!


 After enjoying 9 holes of FootGolf, we shared with our guests how Senda works to replicate some of the ways large sports industry brands operate, but in a new way, by sponsoring nonprofit organizations in the same way that big brands sponsor professional and national teams.

Senda sponsors with soccer balls and training gear three non profits with a proven track record to create impact in their communities. the organizations are:

  Street Soccer USA, which aims to build safe, healthy urban communities.

The  BORP Power Soccer Program, which provides the world's only sport for power wheelchair users.

Soccer without Borders, which helps newly arrived refugees find community and support on the soccer field.

Our goal is to help ensure that the participants of these three incredible soccer nonprofits organizations have the gear they need to feel like a true team, and be as proud as players from professional teams when they step into the field to play and practice.


We are still learning how best to partner with our incredible non profit partner organizations in sustainable and impactful ways. In order to make a stronger commitment to this in our business model, we have an important announcement in January 2016, which will help guide Senda's social impact in the next 5 years and more. Meanwhile, we are already planning on having more celebrations in 2016, which bring together our entire community. Here is to the next 5 years of changing the world through the beautiful game!

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