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Ben & Jerry's custom ice cream serving Tesla and Senda's giant "Made to Matter" ball supporting each other in the fight towards social change. Ice cream and Soccer.Both great on their own, and unbelievably perfect together. Add in a side of FREE Ben & Jerry's ice cream served out of a custom Tesla and sprinkle in some freebies and social change, and you got yourself an uniquely fun and progressive day only a UC Berkeley student edging towards summer break can day-dream of. Last Thursday, Senda and Ben & Jerry's teamed up to bring exactly this to the Berkeley community. Senda aimed to raise awareness on the fair-trade end of our soccer balls and Ben & Jerry's continued their summer "Save our Swirled" tour for social change around climate change. And yes, they also brought an ice cream serving Tesla. Local construction crew members check out the interactive "Save our Swirled" Tesla next to Senda HQs on Center Street in Berkeley, CA. It didn't take long for a crowd of people to swirl our tents. We had a blast connecting with local students and summer Berkeley visitors, educating them on what makes Senda and Ben & Jerry’s ethically responsible. We had passer-by's collect free Target Made to Matter tote bags, stickers, and we even got a few juggles in with some awesome visitors! Senda Founder and CEO Santiago Serving up free scoops of ice cream out of the Tesla while informing visitors on Senda's fair trade soccer balls. Senda Intern, Olé, giving away some free Made to Matter tote bags to visitors.  We are not only standing up against unfair working conditions but we are actively taking soccer to a new level of worldly inclusivity (new words are created each day in Berkeley). Ben & Jerry's goal is to raise enough awareness ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Summit to support "international leaders to work towards 100% Clean Energy by 2050"—a goal that is paralleled with the UN's aim to eliminate all carbon pollution in 85 years.
"...Foster unique collaborative partnerships, develop exclusive innovations and be committed to social responsibility.” - Target Made to Matter Campaign
The best part? We've both partnered with Target and the Made to Matter campaign to bring the the choice to support social change in YOUR hands (yup, you, the reader). By developing an exceptional soccer ball made with high quality materials but with the same focus in mind for our workers and community, we're letting you be on both teams when you play, social change and the beautiful game. And chances are you are already supporting ethical responsibility by eating Ben & Jerry’s while reading this (who knew ethical responsibility could taste so good?)! You may not even know you’re supporting companies like us, because according to, "over 80% of Americans say they would likely switch brands to support a cause when price and quality are equal." A small display of some of the Fair Trade soccer balls Senda offers alongside Made to Matter coupons and tote bags. Shot of the Senda Team's Director of Operations Jeong and Interns Ek, Nick, and Olé in front of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream truck on Piedmont Ave. at UC Berkeley (from left to right). A HUGE  thanks again to Ben & Jerry’s for joining us and a bigger thanks to all the visitors who came out to show their support! Stay tuned for Senda giveaways this summer and check out what we’re offering to kick social irresponsibility out of this world on our online store and your local target! Target Made to Matter Campaign Both Senda and Ben & Jerry's are part of Target's Made to Matter campaign. The campaign centers around highlighting hand-picked choices that are both good for the consumer and communities surrounding them. Since it’s successful inaugural year, the campaign has almost doubled in size to offer the public even greater options.
"Over 80% of Americans say they would likely switch brands to support a cause when price and quality are equal." -
The campaign rests on three pillars and requires qualified and selected companies to fulfill all three. As indicated on Target’s published article on the campaign, “to qualify as part of the select group, brands had to support all three pillars of the Made to Matter program — foster unique collaborative partnerships, develop exclusive innovations and be committed to social responsibility.” Visitors line up infornt of the Senda tent and on the UC Berkeley campus for some free Senda gear and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Written by Mahdi Ardestani Senda Team

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