Free shipping on all orders of $49.99 or more.Valid inside US

Free shipping!

On all orders of $49.99 or more

Valid inside the US.

Senda now ships Internationally

We ship internationally / Envoi à l’internatonal/ 我们支持国际运输/ Hacemos envios a todo el mundo / 해외배송 가능/ Entregamos em qualquer lugar do mundo/センダは国際的に出荷できます

That was probably one of the most questions we received : ” Do you ship internationally?” YES ! You can now place any order and we will ship it anywhere in the world as long as USPS delivers there. Just choose the right ball model(s) from our collection : If you have any questions/concerns, let us know at and our international team will be delighted to help you.   Leave a comment

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