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Senda Partners with The Third Half, Organizers of Soccer-themed Travel Adventures

As a company that is passionate about making a positive social impact, Senda Athletics is constantly looking to join forces with other organizations that share their vision of soccer as #morethanagame. For this reason, Senda Athletics is excited to partner with the third half, an organization that facilitates international tours for adventurers looking to immerse themselves in new cultures in disadvantaged communities and to play soccer with the locals. The third half’s manifesto closely aligns with Senda’s, as they aim to “experience soccer as a tool for positive social change and personal growth.” Profits from each trip go towards supporting NGOs who can continue to have a local presence. 14089187_853153658050209_7244045739060057114_n Local kids enjoy a friendly pick-up game in India supported by NGO Slum Soccer More about The Third Half

The third half offers tours in a variety of different locations around the world including Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. In order to offer the most diverse and enriching experience possible, the third half partners with local NGO’s who are also working in their respective communities to help kids succeed on and off the field. love-futbol-in-brazil A pick-up game in Brazil facilitated by

Tours are designed to “offer a balance between sports, education, and culture,” to ensure that participants return home with a deeper understanding in areas such as peace building, gender equality, and youth leadership. A third half tour allows participants to grow as people through real experience and hands-on contribution.

By creating meaningful experiences for adventurers and by amplifying the hard work of their partners, the third half strives to inspire people from around the world to become more educated and more informed global citizens. Through collaboration across cultures, and through the beautiful game, the third half envisions real social change.

community-work-in-brazil  , the third half’s partner in Brazil, helps to organize community service opportunities off the field.

How does Senda offer their support?

Senda Athletics provides top quality equipment so that the teams and organizations traveling with the third half leave behind more resources to play the beautiful game in the communities they visit. By equipping the teams traveling with the third half, Senda Athletics contributes to the "Soccer for Good" ecosystem, and works for the common goal of improving communities through soccer and allowing others around the world to #playjoyfully.  

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