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Growing up in Argentina, Senda Athletics founder Santiago Halty doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t play Soccer. And when he moved to the U.S. to pursue a college education, the game provided a path toward building a community of friends, to self-confidence and to learning discipline. It is from that foundation that Senda (“path” in Spanish) was built.

Santiago started Senda with clear goals: sharing his passion for Futsal and small-sided Soccer, bringing Fair Trade and premium performance to the category, and improving lives along the way.

When Santiago is not at Senda’s offices he can be found assistant coaching East Bay United’s Arsenal U-18 team, playing pick up soccer, attending San Jose Earthquakes game, and going to entrepreneurship events across the Bay Area.

  • Santiago Halty

  • senda position Founder and CEO
  • country Argentina
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  • email santiago@sendaathletics.com
  • field position Midfielder
  • favorite team River Plate
  • quote "A ball is the world's best toy"
  • dream Share a chat and Yerba Mate with Messi
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Jeong Huh grew up in South Korea, where he developed a passion for Soccer and sports in general. In 2011, he jumped at the chance to come to the U.S. to study Sport Management at the University of San Francisco.

He started working at Senda as an intern in 2013, and became a full-time employee once he completed his program. Focusing on market research and operations, Jeong gathers industry information in order to find new revenue opportunities and build strong partnerships, as well as develops systems to help Senda operate more efficiently and effectively.

Jeong has been playing soccer for more than 20 years and can never turn down a chance to play. After moving to California, one of the first things he did was search for a place to play soccer. Once he found it, he was able to fully relax and begin his life in a new country.

  • Jeong Huh

  • senda position Operations Director
  • country South Korea
    Flag of South Korea
  • email jeong@sendaathletics.com
  • field position Midfielder
  • favorite team Juventus
  • quote "Play Simple"
  • dream Watch Korea play in the World Cup Final