How do I choose the right size of the balls?
  • Soccer ball sizing
    • Size 3: AGES 7 & UNDER
    • Size 4: AGES 8 - 12
    • Size 5: AGES 13 & UP
  • Futsal ball sizing
    • Size 2: AGES 7 & UNDER (21 inch circumference)
    • Size 3: AGES 8 - 12 (23 inch circumference)
    • Size 4: AGES 13 & UP (25 inch circumference)
Where are Senda’s balls made?
  • Our balls are ethically made in a Fair Trade facility in Pakistan.
What is Fair Trade Certified?
  • Our balls are made in facilities that have improved working conditions fair wages for producers, and ensure no child labor
How do Senda balls compare to other brands in terms of quality?
  • Our balls match or exceed the ball quality of competitors.
Do Senda balls have a warranty?
  • Yes, our balls have a 1-year shape and construction warranty
What is the difference between futsal and soccer balls?
  • Futsal balls have low bounce and are heavier than soccer balls. The largest size futsal balls are made in is size 4, while the largest size soccer balls are made is size 5.
What ball sizes does Senda offer?
  • Soccer balls in size 3, 4, & 5
  • Futsal balls in size 2, 3 & 4
What is Hi-Tech stitching?
  • Machine stitching that provides smooth, uniform seams and a strong construction.
What is ‘DuoTech’ technology?
  • A combination of machine stitched and bonding that provides improved performance and durability.
What is thermo bonded?
  • Thermo bonding is the use of high pressure and heat in the construction. This technology is used in the professional-level, high quality balls.
Can Senda balls be used in the rain?
  • Yes, our balls are water resistant.
What is the difference between match and training balls?
  • Training balls are great for training sessions and everyday play, while match balls are optimized for matches and top-level play.
Can I customize Senda balls?
Do you ship worldwide?
  • Yes, we ship worldwide. 

    Futsal Shoes

    What sizes are available for the USHUAIA PRO and USHUAIA CLUB?

      • Men's: US 5-12
      • Women's: US 6-13
      • Youth
        • US 1Y-6.5Y
      • Adult
        • Men's: US 7-11
        • Women's: US 8-12
    Do the shoes run true to size?
    • We recommend to go a half size up as the shoe was created to fit snug/close to the foot.
    Will there be a wide sizing option?
    • Unfortunately no.
    What can I do if the shoes I ordered online don’t fit me properly?
    • You can send the shoes that do not fit back to us and we will exchange them for a pair of shoes that fit you properly. You will only have to cover the cost of shipping them back to us, and we will cover the cost of sending you the correct size.
    Do you ship worldwide?
    • Yes, we ship worldwide.
    How does the Trade-In program work?
    • Once a player outgrows their shoe they send it back to us, receive a 25% discount on their next pair, and we recondition their shoes for underprivileged players in social programs. It’s a true win-win and we couldn’t be more proud of this initiative.
      1. Please send us an email to team@sendaathletics.com mentioning where you bought your shoes (SendaAthletics.com, Amazon.com, Soccer.com, etc.) and order number if applicable.
      2. Please send us photos of the top and bottom of the shoes in the same email, so we can see if the shoes are in good condition or not to donate.
      3. If the shoes are in good condition, we will send a shipping label for you to return the shoes. Once we receive the return shoes, we will share a 25% discount once we receive the returning shoes.
      4. If the shoes are not in good condition, we will ask you to keep it since we cannot donate. We will share a 25% discount code for your next pair of shoes.
    Are the insoles in these shoes removable? I'd like to put in my custom orthotics.
    • Yes, the insoles in the shoes are 100% removable.
    What is the material of the upper portion of the shoe?
    • USHUAIA PRO: Real leather made with calfskin
    • USHUAIA CLUB: Synthetic leather made with microfiber
    Are the shoes Fair Trade Certified?
    • Not yet, because there are no sports shoe factories that are Fair Trade Certified. We found a factory in China that has been making premium quality shoes since 1991, and that shares our commitment to workers' well-being. As we grow into the shoe market, we aim to secure Fair Trade Certification for our partners, to proudly show this certification across our new line of products.
    Will there be different color options available?
    • USHUAIA PRO: For now we only have one colorway and will be launching other colors in the future.
    • USHUAIA CLUB: We have blue and orange colorway.
    Will there be Youth sizes for the Ushuaia PRO?
    • Unfortunately no.
    What is the difference between Ushuaia PRO and CLUB?
    • Ushuaia Pro is designed and made with best-in-class materials for the highest level of play, and the Ushuaia Club is designed and made for the recreational level at a more affordable price. We acknowledge the cap between the Pro and Club, and we are working on developing an outsole that can be used for both Ushuaia Pro and Club. We have been testing the new version with pro players, and planning to launch the new version of Ushuaia later this year or early next year.

    Grip Socks

    What is Gravity Grip Socks Technology?

    • A process that enable our grip socks to provide ankle stability, protect heels from impact, high compression, comfortability as well as non-slip system
    What sizes are available for the Senda Gravity Grip Socks?
    • Medium (US Men 5-8)
    • Large (US Men 8-12)
    Is the grip inside and out?
    • It has grips only in the outside
    Do you ship worldwide?
    • Yes, we ship worldwide
    What are the materials used?
    • We use a combination of cotton, nylon, polyester, and rubber band
    What are the colors available?
    • Black, white, red, yellow, blue, navy blue, yellow, green and orange
    Can they be worn underneath football socks?
    • Yes, they can be worn underneath. Some players prefer to wear them either over or under their teamsocks. However, if you want the full benefits of the socks, and use them like pro athletes do, is to cut the feet of your team socks, and wear our socks.
    Does the ankle support help with injured ankles?
    • For injured ankles, we would always suggest getting advice from a physiotherapist. However, the socks do support weak ankles to a certain degree. Taping the ankle, however, is of more support for example.
    Does the ankle support help with weak ankles?
    • We always advise to use extra support. It is not replacement of tape for example like a lot of athletes use. The compression helps support the ankle but does not lock it or blocks movement like tape does.
    Do the socks protect against rubbing on the boots?
    • The socks do 100% help protect against rubbing on the boots.
    Do the socks have a warranty?
    • Yes, our grip socks have a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


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