Manifesto v2

Senda was started with a clear goal: disrupt the industry by embracing Fair Trade, bringing back craftsmanship, promoting joyfully playing, and improving lives along the way.

We work to turn the current business model on its head. The model of major brands paying players millions for endorsements, while going to the developing world and making factories compete to offer them the lowest price (often at the expense of workers) is a broken model that needs to be changed. 

Instead of paying producers the absolute lowest possible price, Senda is committed to Fair Trade certification to improve livelihoods. 

Instead of cutting costs by lowering the quality of our products so we can spend that money on marketing, Senda uses only best-in-class materials and talented craftspeople. 

Instead of sponsoring famous players or clubs who already have millions, Senda partners with and equips soccer NGO's using the beautiful game to improve lives. 

Instead of talking about the game as a combat, we talk about it as a way to express yourself, create art, build community and bring about pure joy. 

Pretty radical stuff these days, but that was what the game did in the early beginnings! 

You see, the game we love has been turned into a money making machine in which fair play and flair has been sacrificed for winning at whatever cost. We want to change that with you. 

It's not that we don't love seeing the best players in the world defy the impossible every week in front of millions (we do!), it's that we believe there are many other stories that deserve to be told, and that will inspire you. 

These are the stories of the other heroes of the game: from homeless players who get back on the right path through soccer, to refugees who use the game as their language, to players on power wheelchairs that find independence and courage with a soccer ball near their feet. 

Let’s recover together the unifying power of soccer, and change lives along the way. See you on the field.