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Playa Beach Soccer


Special ball designed with larger and softer panels, and abrasion resistant cover.

  • Designed with 6 large water resistant panels which provide a soft, abrasion resistant ball; Minimizing the number of panels allows for better impact with barefoot play
  • Each panel is hand stitched, providing tighter and stronger seams, and extends durability with higher performance; Intended for gameplay on sand and grass
  • Features 4 layers of polyester/cotton hybrid linings placed between the cover and the bladder to help the ball retain its shape and bounce
  • Inflatable latex bladder which offers the softest feel and provides better surface tension
  • All Senda balls are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring all workers receive at least the national minimum wage, that there is no child labor involved and that the health and safety of workers is safeguarded

Standard Ball Sizing

  • Size 4: AGES 12 & UNDER
  • Size 5: AGES 13 & UP