Senda Valor Training Rugby Ball front view

Valor Training Rugby Ball

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Designed and developed to provide outstanding performance in all conditions. The Valor training rugby ball is ideal for club rugby, school rugby, and junior rugby.

  • Designed with high quality, rubber laminate for a superior grip in all weather conditions; Intended for gameplay on outdoor grass, outdoor turf and indoor turf
  • Each panel is hand stitched, providing tighter and stronger seams, and extends durability with higher performance
  • Features 4 layers of polyester linings placed between the cover and the bladder to help the ball retain its shape and bounce; 2 year limited warranty
  • Inflatable latex bladder for superb flight and better surface tension; Intended for all levels of training from club rugby to high school and college-level competitions
  • All Senda balls are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring all workers receive at least the national minimum wage, that there is no child labor involved and that the health and safety of workers is safeguarded

Standard Ball Sizing

  • Size 4: AGES 12 - 14
  • Size 5: AGES 15 & UP

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