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Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game: Dribbling Brazilian Star


United States Youth Futsal and Senda Athletics have partnered to introduce the "Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game" videos. We kicked off our series with 3 levels of a very common drill in futsal called “Dribbling Brazilian Star”. We partnered with Keith Tozer, head coach of U.S. Futsal Men’s National Team, who covers three versions of the Dribbling Brazilian Star.  The purpose of The Brazilian Star is to help players get more comfortable, at every level of their game, and to pay attention to their surroundings while dribbling safely through traffic. This drill effectively helps players and coaches to learn some of the fundamental movements of the fast-paced game of futsal.

Our first video of the series was the Futsal Training Drill: Level 1 Dribbling Brazilian Star. It focuses practicing without the ball in a small given area to enhance the player's dribbling skills.  Player goes around the middle, then to the right. Cones represent defenders. Once you made your move, psychologically, speed up, figure eight around the back of the cones. The player then figure eight’s on the way back. The next teammate repeats the same drill.  Now repeating the same drill but with the Rio Training Futsal ball to provide a more realistic matter.  It is now time to get more comfortable with the ball.  Remember, in soccer or Futsal, it is not always 30 yards that beats the defender, it is within feet.


Our second video of this series was Futsal Training Drill: Level 2 Dribbling Brazilian Star for Intermediates. Coach Tozer starts with the statement “Two players, two balls” where 1st player is having to deal the feel of a defender and pressure from behind. The 2nd player is having to deal with the pressure in front by either a teammate or another player. As you can see in the video, two players are lined to dribble their balls in a small section. The coach reminds the players to keep their heads up and use more touches with their weak foot to improve their skills.

The practice now gets more difficult. Three people with three balls. The more players practice together, the teamwork gets stronger since the latter players cannot move when the player in front makes a mistake.


Our third video of the series was the most advanced version of this drill: Level 3 of Dribbling Brazilian Star for Advanced. The drill begins directly with four players with four balls. The players are more accustomed to the drill now, so the coach splits two players to start from a different cone. So, as you can see in the video, two players mirror each other’s routes. The players now really have to pay attention to their surroundings while dribbling around the defenders and safely through traffic.


We hope that you enjoyed our first series of Futsal Drills. We have started with a dribbling technique and will come back with Level 1 Directional Sole Role. Follow our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if you want to be the first one to see the videos!

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