Futsal Training Series To Elevate Your Game: Directional Sole Roll

Futsal Training Series To Elevate Your Game: Directional Sole Roll

United States Youth Futsal and Senda Athletics have partnered to introduce the "Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game" videos. Today we present our second series of "Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game" videos: "Directional Sole Roll". The sole provides a larger surface area than any other part of the foot, allowing constant contact with the ball through any movement. The real beauty of the sole is that it is a multi-directional surface and opens up endless possibilities when you’re in contact with the ball. Move the ball forwards, backwards or sideways to get you out of any tight spots. These techniques help the best players make it look easy and opens so many different moves: spin, fake, sidestep, and roll.

In this video series Keith Tozer, the head coach of U.S. Futsal Men’s National Team, covers futsal directional drills in three different directions.

Futsal Training Drill: Level 1 Directional Sole Roll is for beginners to focus on “Forward and Backing up”. The players will get used to touching and controlling the ball. Two players pair up and face each other. One player will use their foot to bring the futsal ball backwards and then forward resulting in a pass to their partner in front of them. Then the other player will do the same thing. Learning the basics of “forward and backing up” will familiarize the players with handling the ball with the sole of their foot.

Futsal Training Drill: Level 2 Directional Sole Roll is for Intermediate level players. In “Diagonal” direction, as coach Keith Tozer states, “Second phase is directional touch away from pressure”.

Futsal Training Drill: Level 3 Directional Sole Roll is the Advanced level on “Lateral” direction. “Sole of one foot over to the inside of the other foot”

We hope you enjoyed our second video series of Futsal Drills. Now that you have finished our “Directional Sole Roll”, we will present a new exercise called “Futsal Moves” (Level 1) next Tuesday. Follow our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you want to be the first one to see the futsal training videos!

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