Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game: Futsal Moves

Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game: Futsal Moves

This week we publish our third blog in the “Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game”, in collaboration with United States Youth Futsal. The previous blog series was a warm-up, and now we brought you the real key drills for better performance on futsal games. As always, the head coach of U.S. Futsal Men’s National Team, Keith Tozer, covered all three different levels of Futsal Moves. Our video series will now strictly focus on specific Futsal drills, so make sure you keep up with all our videos to enhance your game skills!

Futsal Training Drill: Level 1 Futsal Moves for beginners. This video focuses on practicing imaging they are playing with opponents. Three players are running the small indoor field to get to the goalie. Three players interact with each other and perform skills such as passing the ball frequently to their teammates.


Futsal Training Drill: Level 2 Futsal Moves for Intermediates. Working on the basic movements, players continue to practice diagonal sole role as well. Incorporating skills that were taught in the last series, players are to now acknowledge goal throw, starting from two players and then three players.


Futsal Training Drill: Level 3 Futsal Moves for Advanced. Coach Keith Tozer adds a fourth player to make the practice more realistic.

We hope that you enjoyed our third video series of Futsal Drills. Now that you have finished our “Futsal Moves”, we will come back with a new drill called “Half Shin Ball” Level 1 next Tuesday. Follow our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you want to be the first one to see the futsal training videos!

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