Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game: Half Shin Ball

Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game: Half Shin Ball

Our ‘Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game’ videos are coming to an end. Our partnership with United States Youth Futsal has allowed us to publish high quality videos teaching players various futsal skills. Today, we present “Futsal Drill: Half Shin Ball”. Thanks again Coach Keith Tozer (head coach of U.S. Futsal Men’s National Team) who covered all three levels of “Half Shin Ball”.


Futsal Training Drill: Level 1 Half Shin Ball for beginners. The drill starts by lifting the Rio Futsal ball using the top of your foot. Place your foot under the Rio futsal ball and scoop the ball towards the other player's hands. Once the other player catches the ball, he does the same thing and lifts the ball to the original player.  After getting a hang of it, continue to do the drill using any body part (chest, knee or foot) besides hands.


Futsal Training Drill: Level 2 Half Shin Ball for Intermediates. Players are divided into two groups facing each other. They are lined up, and once they pass the ball, the player goes to the back of the line. The coach reminds them to use their soles when passing the ball.

Futsal Training Drill: Level 3 Half Shin Ball for advanced. Players now use the whole court to complete this drill. After passing the ball diagonally at least three times, the player kicks the ball into the goal. The defender reaches with his outside leg for the ball, so the offensive player lifts the ball over him, which is also known as a ‘Parallel Pass’.

We hope that you enjoyed our fourth video series of Futsal Drills. Now that you have finished our “Half Shin Ball”, we will present a new drill called “Receiving Turning and Facing” Level 1 next Tuesday. Follow our Instagram, Twitter , and Facebook if you want to be the first one to see the videos!

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