Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game: Receiving, Turning and Facing & Defending Goal Throws

Futsal Training Series to Elevate your Game: Receiving, Turning and Facing & Defending Goal Throws

United States Youth Futsal and Senda Athletics’ partnership has allowed us to publish futsal training videos for four months. We posted three videos per drill and demonstrated ways for beginners, intermediates, and experts to practice and improve their game. Keith Tozer, the head coach of U.S. Futsal Men’s National Team, has done a phenomenal job covering all the videos with us. The final series has been uploaded on Youtube and this is our last blog post.  We hope through watching our series you improve your game and fall in love with futsal.

Unlike the past series, this blog consists of two different drills: “Receiving, Turning and Facing & Defending Goal Throws". 

Receiving, Turning, and Facing Level 1 for beginners. First, players pair up and get used to dribbling the Rio Futsal Ball between themselves. Each player dribbles forward, turns around and passes the ball back to his teammate either swiftly or with our Half Shin Ball technique (using the sole of their foot to pass)!  The other player should be ready to receive the ball and do the same drill. 

Receiving, Turning and Facing Level 2 for advanced players. Instead of practicing alone, the drill starts with four players making a square and passing in one direction. Then the coach adds one more ball to the 4 players, so the players don’t have time to rest and are forced to stay focused at all times. For the last drill, instead of the four players staying in place and waiting for the other player to pass them the ball, they follow their pass and take the place of where the receiving player was.

Defending Goal Throws:

Our very last video is about defending goal throws and how to build lines of three and lines of four to get up out in the back.  When the ball is switched to the opposite side, the defense travels with it in an organized formation. The defense remains in a formation of two defenders up top and two behind as the final line of defense. The offense continues to switch the ball challenging the defense to stay in their shape.  

We hope that you enjoyed our last video series of Futsal Drills. Futsal is a relatively new sport, so watching our series with one of the best coaches will enhance your futsal skills. Unfortunately, we are not posting any new videos next Tuesday, but will come back with more interesting information and material next time! Follow our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if you want to be the first one to see the upcoming events!

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