Choosing the Right Ball Sizes for Futsal Training: Matheus Palhinha

Brazilian futsal coach, Matheus Palhinha, is back with another futsal video! This time he explains the importance of using quality and appropriately sized futsal balls for the development of young players' futsal skills, sharing insights on the importance that Brazilians place on this. 

There are 3 different ball sizes that can be used for young players. Senda's Rio Training Futsal Balls come in the following sizes:

Size 2 Futsal Balls:

  • Used for ages 5-8 
  • 21in circumference
  • Used as an initiation ball
  • It's lightweight

Size 3 Futsal Balls:

  • Used for ages 9-13
  • 23in circumference
  • Appropriate for these ages because of its size and weight

Size 4 Futsal Balls:

  • Used for teenagers 14 and older
  • 25in circumference
  • Professional-level size and weight


Using the appropriately sized balls for young players facilitates their movement of the ball and gives them a better chance of scoring. This elevates players' motivation, self-esteem, and confidence which is key to having fun playing futsal!

Explore the Rio Futsal Training Ball in our online store, and choose the appropriately sized futsal now according to your players age! 

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