Learn a Key Futsal Dribble with Brazilian YouTuber & Coach Matheus Palhinha

May 23, 2019

Senda is proud to launch our official partnership with Matheus Palhinha, a Brazilian Futsal Coach and YouTuber who creates content to help players develop their futsal dribble techniques, a characteristic trait that makes Brazilian soccer world famous today. Matheus & Senda will be working together to create the best Futsal content, while making it accessible in English on Senda's website blog and also across our social media channels, so stay tuned!

Matheus is one of the biggest YouTubers in Brazil doing Futsal and Soccer tutorials. His YouTube channel has more than 651,000 subscribers with over 30 Million views on! More importantly, Matheus is a truly fantastic and empathetic coach who cares about developing good players and good persons. Matheus has a true passion for futsal/soccer, he is a fantastic role model and mentor for futsal players of all ages! Senda will be working closely with Matheus to create more tutorials and content in which he teaches how to perform several skills to help players develop their futsal technique, and on this first video with Senda he teaches how to do a key futsal dribble to go around defenders with very little space.

 Here is Matheus showing you how to perform and practice this move, step by step:

A proper futsal dribble requires the player to use the sole of their foot to effectively control and move the ball. Doing this ensures tight & precise control on a fast & limited playing space surface as a futsal court. Having proper control of the ball while performing a futsal dribble is vital to having success on the court. This also is really beneficial once players move onto an outdoor field.

A quick and explosive futsal dribble is key for players to beat their defender. This futsal dribble, if performed correctly, can help players to trick defenders effectively almost every time. The next step is to get your Senda futsal ball, available  on our website,and start practicing this move!




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