Learn Soccer Skills: AMAZING 1 vs 1 Dribble!

Brazilian coach, Matheus Palhinha is back with another amazing move to help you beat a defender! Many times while dribbling the ball on an opponent's half of the field or court, you do not have a clear path to make a pass or shot. This 1 vs.1 dribble allows you to create space for yourself to make a pass forward to a teammate or take a shot on goal.

When dribbling the ball and approaching an opponent:

Step 1: Step over the ball inward

Step 2: Step over the ball outward (with the same leg used in Step 1) back to your original starting position

Step 3: Drag the ball across your body with the foot that was NOT used for the step over and push the ball into space with the opposite foot (one fluid motion)

Now let's watch Matheus show us a step-by-step with real speed examples! 

This 3 step move that combines a variety of simple dribbles is a fantastic way to elevate your game on the field, court, or anywhere you find yourself playing.

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  • Viconto Goodwin

    Hello Senda Team,
    Thank you for sharing this great move by Coach Matheus Palhinha! How would I go about getting his training series and information about doing live camps and clinics in California?


    Viconto Goodwin

  • Zanotti

    Glad to see Matheus is back!!

  • Souleymanea Aboubacar Moussa

    Thank you Senda for this exercise and we expect more from you by sending us useful things to develop the performance of our young players, our ball orders soon

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