Learn Futsal: How to Fake and Beat a Defender

Learn Futsal: How to Fake and Beat a Defender


Matheus Palinha is back with another amazing futsal tutorial! Many times, you find yourself in a situation when you don’t have many options to go forward because of a nearby defender. With minimal help from a teammate, Matheus shows a move where you fake a pass and cut forward to beat a defender.

When facing a defender and one of your teammates is making an overlapping run behind you, you fake like you will pass the ball by:

  1. Dragging the ball behind you with the sole of your foot
  2. Then, dragging the ball with the inside of your foot towards your teammate (while the ball is behind you)
  3. Stopping the ball with your toes and top of your foot.

You then cut the ball forward through the center of your body and have an opportunity at creating a shot, dribble, or pass.

This move is done in one continuous movement and with practice can be done very quickly. This fake is a great skill to have in order to create space between you and a defender. The next step is to get a Senda futsal ball available on our website and start practicing this dribbling skill in matches and training sessions.

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