Learn an Amazing Futsal Step Over with Coach Matheus Palhinha

June 07, 2019 1 Comment

Senda is proud to continue our partnership with Matheus Palhinha and this time he is back once again with yet another amazing futsal tutorial. Continuing from our last blog post with Coach Matheus, this step over tutorial will help futsal players elevate their game! In this video, Matheus presents and demonstrates a lethal futsal stepover for players to add to their artillery. We see Matheus utilize a twist to the famously known "Step Over" to beat his defender. The step over can be done at any part of the court, but be sure to practice and master this futsal step over to avoid committing a costly mistake near your goal. 

Here is Matheus showing you how to perform and practice this move, step by step:

As mentioned in the last video, Futsal requires players to use the soles of their feet to control and move the ball. We see that again in this video as Matheus draws the ball using his sole and then he executes the step over to beat his mark.


With enough practice, this dynamic step over adds an element of flair players can use to hone their craft. The next step is to get a Senda futsal ball available on our website and start practicing this step over with your friends and on your own! 


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June 07, 2019


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