New Cordoba Pro futsal shoes by Se

New Cordoba Pro Futsal Shoes

Senda Team

Cordoba futsal shoes by Senda

 “Designed for Power. Made for Comfort.”

Senda is proud to introduce its latest futsal specific shoe — the Cordoba Pro. This new model is the result of a dedicated design and development process that set out to produce an outstanding and supportive futsal shoe that features power, durability, and comfort, making it a top choice.

Inspired by futsal’s roots, the Cordoba Pro was designed to achieve performance and enhance shoot power. Without leaving behind the comfort, these new Senda futsal shoes are made with two different density layers inside the midsole to provide cushioning across the entire footbed protecting knees and heels from impact during play. 

Built Tough

Cordoba futsal shoes by Senda

Based on futsal’s all-time classic silhouette, the Cordoba Pro is for all-around players looking for performance and support. The overlapping pieces in the upper and multidirectional seams are meant for extra durability. The Cordoba Pro strategically combines natural leather and PU microfiber, allowing players to have excellent touch and control of the ball. The higher sole is stitched and reinforced along the entire edge, making it a very solid shoe. 

What professional futsal players have to say about Cordoba Pro

Brian Steccato, goalkeeper of Argentina’s National Team, said after wearing them: “The leather is very resistant, which is particularly important for goalkeepers, since we are constantly in contact with the hard surface of the court. Its toe is great for toe-kicking.”

Thomas Baisel, player of Argentina’s National Team, commented: “Good fit and good grip. Amazingly comfortable. It is resistant and easily adapts to your feet. The outsole design offers a great deal of traction.”

Brian Steccato

Brian Steccato, goalkeep of Argentina's National Futsal Team

Main Features

Soft Touch

Strategically distributed natural leather combined with PU microfiber in the upper allows players to have an excellent touch and control of the ball.

Comfortable Fit

Integral soft cushioning inside the shoe provides foot protection and safety while controlling impact. 

Increased Breathability

Micro-perforations in the upper benefit foot ventilation during activity. 

Stable Cushioning

Two different density layers inside the midsole provide cushioning for impact control and stability.

Superior Grip

The injected additive-free rubber gum outsole provides good grip on different surfaces. Its multi-pivot step design provides agility-assisting turns and pivoting.

Overall, the Cordoba Pro futsal shoes are a top choice if you are looking for a classic silhouette that brings you power, durability, and comfort.


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