Play with Purpose, Support Soccer in the Streets by Choosing Senda

Play with Purpose, Support Soccer in the Streets by Choosing Senda

Senda Team

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with U.S. nonprofit Soccer in the Streets. With over 30 years of experience in developing sports-based youth development programs in low-income communities, Soccer in the Streets pioneered the idea of combining soccer with education, life skills, and community development, going where “no soccer program has gone before.” The organization was founded by Carolyn McKenzie in 1989 in Jonesboro, Georgia.


Unleashing the power of teamwork and passion on the field! 

Empowering Communities Together: Senda and Soccer in the Streets Unite for Change

 The partnership between Senda Athletics and Soccer in the Streets is a testament to their shared values and goals. Senda's commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with the nonprofit's dedication to community development. Together, they aim to harness the power of soccer to create positive change in underserved communities across the United States. By pledging 1% of its annual sales, Senda commits to providing brand-new equipment to nonprofits in the sport-for-development sector. Under the terms of this partnership, Senda provides Amador and Rio balls, hence ensuring that the youth involved in Soccer in the Streets programs have access to high-quality equipment, removing potential barriers to participation.


Ready to Kickstart Change? Choose Senda and Support Soccer in the Streets

By choosing Senda, you are not only getting high-quality sports gear but also contributing to the incredible work of Soccer in the Streets and other nonprofits in the U.S. Here's why you should buy Senda and join us in supporting Soccer in the Streets' life-changing programs:

Quality Meets Purpose:
Senda Athletics is renowned for producing top-notch sports equipment, including Fair Trade Certified soccer balls. We believe that quality and ethics should go hand in hand. When you buy Senda, you're investing in gear that is expertly crafted and upholds the highest standards of ethical manufacturing, from fair wages for artisans to sustainable practices.

Empowering Communities:
Soccer in the Streets is on a mission to empower underserved communities through soccer. Their programs extend well beyond the field, offering educational opportunities, personal growth, and community involvement. Your purchase directly supports these initiatives, helping young individuals develop skills, confidence, and a brighter future.

Removing Barriers: We believe that every child should have the opportunity to play and grow through soccer, regardless of their background. By partnering with Soccer in the Streets, we provide them with the equipment they need to make a real impact in these communities. Your purchase helps break down barriers and promotes inclusivity in the world of sports.

Your choice to buy Senda is an investment in a brighter future for underserved communities. It's a statement that you believe in the power of soccer to inspire, educate, and create change.

One ball, endless possibilities! Empowering young talents, one kick at a time.

Curious About Soccer in the Streets?Discover Their Inspiring Journey!

Since the early 2000s, Soccer in the Streets has been focusing its efforts on low-income communities in Atlanta, GA. Today, it develops young leaders to lead rich lives and cultivate healthy communities through innovative sports-based youth development programs.

Soccer in the Streets launched the award-winning initiative StationSoccer, the world's first network of soccer fields located at major transit stations. StationSoccer has become a blueprint in Atlanta for addressing accessibility - both to fields and adequate transportation - by connecting soccer facilities at and through public transit. Like in years past, Soccer in the streets is leading the way with ideas and solutions that reach kids who are often overlooked or under-resourced and kids are even growing things in community gardens through the Garden FC program.

Today Soccer in the Streets has come full circle and could roll out its model in more U.S cities and connect the youth of America to the beautiful game of Soccer.

Together with Soccer in the Streets, we're creating spaces for growth, joy, and unity. 

You have the power to contribute to the change.
Every time you buy a Senda product, you're giving something back to the community. Choose Senda an be part of something truly meaningful. Together, we can kick goals, on and off the field!

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