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Senda is  pleased to announce that we have acquired Holland-based Gravity Grip Gear. Gravity has developed highly-evolved performance grip socks, adding compression and cushioning, to help athletes unleash their full potential. World-class soccer players like Éver Banega and Achraf Hakimi wear Gravity Grip Gear under their uniform socks when they compete at the highest level, including the Champions League and 2018 Russia World Cup. Senda decided to enter the grip socks market because in both futsal and soccer it is important for players to avoid slipping inside their footwear in order to maximize their performance. We heard from a growing number of athletes that there was a crucial need for this type of socks, and we always listen to what pro and amateur players have to say. Senda’s community also shared that there were not enough good options in the market for a premium product that would help prevent slipping from the first minute of the match until the last one, and that’s when we decided we had to do something about it. 


Gravity Grip Gear's Story 

Gravity was created by Glenn Van Geldorp. Being a professional football player in Thailand, this young entrepreneur decided the socks available in the market were not good enough to avoid slippery feet, blisters and uncomfortable heat. So he worked on the creation of new grip socks, at first, for himself but then decided it was a good product to start up his own business: Gravity Grip Gear.



Santiago Halty, Senda's founder and CEO, answered a few questions about the acquisition: 

Why did Senda step into the grip socks market? 

At Senda, we know the importance of avoiding slippery feet, both in futsal and soccer.  Our commitment to enhancing performance made Senda entered the grip socks market.  A growing number of both pro and amateur players expressed the need for this type of socks. Senda wants to offer players the possibility of adding performance grip socks to enhance one of their most important assets: their agility.

Why did Senda acquire Gravity? 

I first heard about Gravity grip socks through the footballer and trainer, Mo Ali, who would use them in his training sessions with top players around the world. I also learned that more than 10 players from 7 National Teams used the socks during the 2018 Russia World Cup. As an Argentine myself, it was extra special to know that the list of players included Éver Banega! I saw Gravity's Grip socks in action in that beautiful assistance from Éver to Messi from the midfield during the Argentina-Nigeria game, which ended in a stunning goal. When Senda sponsored the Mo Ali Training Tour in Argentina in 2019, I had the chance to meet Gravity’s founder, Glenn, in Buenos Aires, and to see first hand how much pro players loved the brand’s performance grip socks. As two growing entrepreneurs, we worked closely together during the Argentina tour to ensure that Mo Ali and some of the top local pro players had the best training experience using Senda’s premium soccer balls and Gravity’s grip socks. I realized that we both had a huge passion for performance, a dedication to working hard and going beyond expectations. I also found in Glenn a humble human being who worked hard and was not afraid of taking risks. That is when I saw the potential for collaborations between our brands down the line.


I also learned that more than 10 players used the socks at key games in the World Cup, including Ever Banega in that beautiful assistance to Messi in the Argentina-Nigeria game.

Fast forward to early 2020, when it was clear that Senda had to offer a premium grip sock solution, and  I reached out to Glenn to explore opportunities to work together. After assessing different options, we both decided that the best way forward was for Senda to acquire Gravity to leverage our entire team and distribution channels. This way we could satisfy the growing demand in the US and also serve a rapidly growing international community of athletes and customers that demand the socks around the globe.    

We are excited to have Senda and Gravity working together on providing all-level athletes who are serious about performance and comfort with the grip socks solution that will give them an edge on the competition. I am convinced that Gravity’s Grip Socks is the missing link between top athletes’ feet and their boots, and we are determined to help athletes reach their maximum potential.   

Gravity's founder Glenn will stay involved as an advisor, and he is excited to have Senda take the company he started to the next level. He is convinced we have the perfect platform to help Gravity grow internationally, and he will work with us to grow the number of professional and amateur athletes benefiting from our performance grip socks.


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