Senda Introduces Our Best Futsal Ball Line Yet

Senda Introduces Our Best Futsal Ball Line Yet

Senda Team

With the 2020 futsal season around the corner, we are proud to announce Senda’s biggest and most complete ball collection, designed to serve players of all levels, ages and budgets: from those taking their very first steps in futsal, to pro players competing at the highest level. 

Coaches have rated Senda futsal balls among the best in the market, and we have been the official ball partner of U.S Youth Futsal since 2015, so we have a big responsibility to keep bringing innovation to players of all levels.

Meet our Futsal Ball Line

Belem Ball: This is the ideal training ball for those starting to play or on a budget. The newest addition to the collection is  available in 3 sizes and 2 combinations of colors. Size 2: for ages 7 and under; size 3 for ages 8 to 12 and size 4 for ages 13 and up. 

Rio Ball: Premium training ball. Our #1 selling ball and a favorite among futsal players. Available in 2 different color combinations  for improved visibility and 3 sizes. It is also our most recommended option by coaches.  

Vitoria Ball: Match ball combining stitching and heat bonding for durability. Designed with an optimized textured cover for better grip. It combines increased performance and durability. Available in size 4 for ages 13 and up.

Bahia Ball: Professional level ball, a top-tier construction for superb durability and minimum water uptake, with thermo-bonded technology for performance. Available only size 4.  

USYF Ball Line

Recife: this is the premium Rio version, official training ball by US Youth Futsal that can also be used for some matches. Available in 2 sizes: 3: for ages 8 -12 and size 4 for ages 13 up. 

Natal: Official US Youth Futsal Match ball combining stitching and heat bonding for durability It is also available in size 3 and 4. 

You can find the entire range on

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