Senda Excels at the USYF Championship Series, Fueling the Futsal Revolution in the USA

Senda Team

At Senda, we are thrilled to share that we’ll be, once again, at the United States Youth Futsal (USYF) Championship Series held in Kansas City this weekend. As the official partner of USYF, we will have the privilege of attending this prestigious event, where 1,200 of the country's finest futsal players will gather to showcase their skills. With over 120 teams from the United States participating, it is an exhilarating three-day event that showcase the growing popularity and influence of futsal in the nation.

Championship Series held in Kansas, July 2022.

Impressing the Futsal Enthusiasts:

The USYF Championship Series provide an excellent platform for Senda to present our top-quality futsal balls. Futsal players and coaches, known for their discerning taste in equipment, praised the touch and feel of our balls. Their positive feedback reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional products that enhance players' experience on the court.


Championship Series held in Kansas, July 2022.

The Rise of Futsal in the USA:

Futsal, known for its fast pace and technicality, is experiencing rapid growth in the United States. With its small playing area and lower bounce ball, futsal demands quick thinking and improvisation in tight spaces. Unlike indoor soccer, futsal doesn't have walls, making it more akin to traditional soccer. As the sport gains popularity, US Youth Futsal, with its 70 leagues nationwide, is spearheading a movement to elevate coaching standards and improve gameplay. By promoting active opportunities for youth to participate in futsal, the organization aims to raise the level of play at the college level, MLS, and ultimately enhance the performance of US teams in international competitions.

 Championship Series held in Kansas, July 2022.

The Benefits of Futsal:

Jon Perry, the Executive Director of US Youth Futsal, passionately highlights the advantages of futsal. Futsal's fast-paced and exciting nature not only captivates players but also enhances their skills. The quick touches, speed of play, and emphasis on one-on-one dribbling all contribute to a player's development and the transferability of skills to outdoor soccer. By embracing futsal, players can cultivate unique abilities that will set them apart on the field.

Senda is proud to be playing a significant role in the US futsal revolution by participating in the USYF Championship Series & Futsal ID Program. We remain committed to fostering the growth and impact of futsal in the USA. By introducing more youth to futsal, we believe it will contribute to the elevation of college and MLS play, and ultimately, lead to stronger US national teams in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Senda as we strive to revolutionize the futsal landscape in the United States!

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