Senda Futsal Club: Creating the Biggest Futsal Community in the World

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As a leading futsal brand, Senda Athletics is proud to introduce the Senda Futsal Club, which aims at becoming the largest community of players, coaches, and fans around the world who share a passion for our beautiful sport. From professional players in Argentina and Brazil to young passionate futsal players in USA, Malaysia, and Spain, the Senda Futsal Club unites people who have a deep love for the fast-paced game of futsal. While many world-class pro players are part of the Senda Futsal Club community, you don't have to be a pro to be on the team. You just need to be passionate, love the sport and support your fellow players and coaches to help grow the game and inspire the next generation. Keep an eye out for future events to help turn this vision into reality.




“In the Senda Futsal Club you don't have to be a pro to be on the team. You just need to be passionate, love the sport and support your fellow players and coaches.”


Why a Senda Futsal Club?

Senda Athletics, the #1 futsal-focused company in the world, was founded by Santiago Halty, a passionate amateur futsal player who understands the importance of teamwork and commitment to playing this sport anywhere. 

The Senda Futsal Club is an initiative that is meant to connect people who share a deep passion for futsal, regardless of age, playing level, ethnicity, nationality, or gender.



Respect, Community, and Joy shown in the crest are the three core values that rule the Senda Futsal Club fundamentals. Together, we are building a worldwide community of futsal fanatics who love the art of playing this beautiful game with class, grace, and skill, anywhere and anytime.  


Introducing the New Apparel Collection: Senda F.C. Limited Edition Capsule

Further to the introduction of the Senda Futsal Club, we are proud to announce the launch of the brand-new Senda Futsal Club Apparel Collection. with a limited edition capsule.

The Senda F.C. crest will be featured on the collection of this game-changing gear, which includes quarter-zip top, training pants, T-shirts, compression shirt, shorts, and short tights. The crest itself represents both our company’s boldness in questioning the status-quo of the futsal world and our athletes’ flair on the court.


1/4 Zip-Top

The ¼ zip-top is designed to provide warmth on the training ground in even the coldest weather.


Training Pants

Our new training pants are crafted to allow for maximum mobility and to ensure that none of your movements will be restricted while you play this beautiful game.



We are also launching the Senda Futsal Club-branded T-shirt. This T-shirt is perfect for both training on warmer days or indoors and for casual wear, so you can show your support for everything that the Senda Futsal Club stands for wherever you go.


Designed with top-notch technology fabrics and for players' maximum comfort, the full outfit is the epitome of style on the futsal court.

Take a look of the entire collection visiting our online shop.

Are you as passionate about futsal as we are?

 Then you will definitely want to be a member of the Senda Futsal Club. 

 Join us! We will be happy to welcome you!

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