Elevate your coaching strategies with the Senda Futsal Coach Board by TACTIX

In terms of futsal coaching, precision and clarity are important. A coach's ability to communicate strategies, guide formations, and make real-time adjustments can be the key to victory on the court. For that, we’ve launched our Futsal Coach Board, which is a coaching companion designed with precision and practicality in mind.

Compact and Convenient Design

Measuring a compact 9" x 12", Senda's Coach Board is ideal for portability. Crafted with lightweight yet sturdy Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), it's a durable tool that won't weigh you down. The convenient size ensures it can slip seamlessly into most backpacks or equipment bags, making it the ideal on-the-go coaching companion.

Double-Sided Functionality

Senda's Coach Board doesn't just stop at convenience; it's a double-sided powerhouse. The front side has a full futsal field diagram, providing coaches with a comprehensive view of the entire playing field. On the flip side, a half-field diagram and dedicated space for team lineups offer a versatile platform for strategic discussions and tactical planning. 


Magnetic Mastery

Equipped with 11 magnets, the Coach Board allows coaches to effortlessly handle players across the field during strategy discussions. The 0.8" magnet size ensures a secure grip, preventing accidental loss and allowing for seamless visualization of player positioning and movement. The Senda Futsal Coach Board comes as a complete package. 
Alongside the board, you receive two sets of magnets in different colors (5 players per set and 1 ball), a marker, and a black dry eraser. This all-inclusive set empowers coaches to dive into training sessions or match preparations with everything they need at their fingertips.


In the fast-paced world of futsal coaching, the Senda Coach Board by TACTIX emerges as a champion. Its compact design, double-sided functionality, magnetic features, and complete set of accessories make it an essential tool for coaches aiming to elevate their strategies and guide their teams to success. Unleash the power of precision with Senda's Futsal Coach Board, and watch your coaching game reach new heights.

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