new Apex Match Soccer Ball

Introducing the New Apex Match Soccer Ball

Senda Team

apex match soccer ball

It is with great pleasure that Senda introduces a brand New Match Soccer Ball: APEX.  

Designed for optimal extended play on grass and turf, APEX’s innovative technical characteristics allow for a faster flight while keeping stability and control. . 

APEX has been especially designed with Tekno panel shape construction.
The 24 panels of the ball make it more aerodynamic and faster than a 32-panel ball because there are fewer joints and stitches between panels. 
To guarantee stability and control, the Apex features high-tech stitching for stronger construction, as well as a textured cover.

APEX’s reduced number of panels provides a larger surface area offering a softer, more friendly product when hitting the ball with the head or even during the game, especially for the teens' categories.

The good roundness of the ball and the evenly distributed pressure across all panels are key to its optimal flight speed.

The premium textured cover provides a soft touch, while the premium bladder has better air retention for less frequent inflations.

Main features

Premium bladder for better air retention and less frequent inflations.

Premium textured cover with foam backing provides a soft touch.

High-Tech stitched ball designed with textured PU for clubs, and entry-level training.

Tekno panel shape: Especially designed 24-panel shape for a more aerodynamic ball.

This new product launch is another achievement of our product development team. We couldn’t be prouder since we are celebrating our 11th anniversary this year with new products aimed at meeting our customers’ needs.   

Order now and let Apex Match Soccer Ball free your game!

Senda Apex Match Soccer Ball
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