Senda means “path” in Spanish. A path that we have been walking along as a team for the last 11 years

Senda Team

Our brand has evolved throughout the years. So has evolved our offering. Soccer balls were the first items sold. Then futsal, beach, and freestyle balls were added to the catalog. Futsal-specific equipment, like shoes and accessories, came later.
Customization of soccer and futsal uniforms is the most recently launched service. 

During these 11 years, many organizations, customers, ambassadors, clubs, coaches, and players have trusted Senda.
We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.
We made mistakes, for sure. There are many lessons learned.  

Each one of those who trusted us, of those who trusted our brand has had such an important role in our achievements. We will be grateful to them forever, as we couldn’t have made it without them.  Thank you all for sharing our vision, for sharing our dream. 

We invite you to join us and celebrate this 11th anniversary with the hashtag #SendaEleven.

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