New SENDA USHUAIA CLUB - The Technicals

New SENDA USHUAIA CLUB - The Technicals

Only a year after Senda launched its successful Senda Ushuaia Pro futsal shoe a new high quality affordable version is being launched. 

The Ushuaia Pro has proved to be a technically advanced futsal shoe that meets the requirements of the most demanding players.  

But Senda is not only committed to high performance players, it goes back to the roots of the game, to the streets. So it has worked to introduce a new product in the market, same top quality, comfort, functionality and always loyal to its fair trade principle: Senda Ushuaia Club.

This new version offers the high standard Senda produces but adapted to other needs: the young amateur futsal players, who need to develop their full potential or kids starting a passion for futsal as well as the freestyle players who need a shoe that enables them to display their creativity everywhere.

To protect knees and heels from impact while playing.

To enable natural movement of the foot.

Provides stability for quick pivoting.

The Senda USHUAIA CLUB is unique from other futsal shoes because of its futsal-specific design. Its rubber gum sole provides excellent grip in all types of movements and hard surfaces.

Built with soft PU on the front upper part to provide a superior touch, and a combination of TPU, that guarantees durability, and breathable mesh construction at the back to keep your feet cooler. The bottom and suede cap are also stitched for longer durability.

The USHUAIA Club flexibility is based on the soft upper materials which offer the freedom of movement that athletes require.

The bottom and inner sole provide an incredibly soft cushioning effect , protecting knees and heels from the impact of playing on hard surfaces. 

The high-quality materials used, make the Senda USHUAIA CLUB a shoe that will last!

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