Senda Rio Match Futsal Ball Selected the Official Ball of 2022 United Futsal Events in Orlando

Senda Team

Rio Match Futsal ball by Senda at United Futsal events

Organized by United Futsal, 3 youth futsal events were hosted at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Between July 12-17, the 2022 United Futsal Champions Cup Series National Championship, the 2022 United Futsal World Futsal Showcase, and the 2022 United Futsal World Futsal Championship

More than 350 teams participated in the abovementioned events, including boys and girls from the 2007 to 2014 categories.
They had a great opportunity to compete among worldwide top futsal talents. 
The top teams that had participated in the Champions Cup Series -one of the most comprehensive youth futsal programs in the world- got the passport to compete for the final prize at the Nationals: a spot in the World Futsal Cup.   

Senda's presence in Orlando

Senda Rio Match Fustal Ball was selected as the official ball of all three events. 
A Senda booth set at the convention center facilities offered all our product line including balls, shoes, accessories, and Gravity grip socks. It was so rewarding for our team to see how talented young futsalers played our beloved game with joy and enthusiasm.
We envision a great future for futsal in the U.S. with the leadership of youth futsal organizations like United Futsal that share our purpose: promoting and developing futsal in our country.

About United Futsal

The mission of United Futsal is to support, promote, educate and organize the growth of futsal in the United States and beyond, providing premier futsal events and programs to support the development of the game 

Senda Rio Match Futsal ball

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