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Millions of people around the world play street soccer everyday, because not everybody has a grass field to play on. Senda is the leading brand in futsal, beach, and street soccer. For many people around the world, there isn’t a grass field nearby to play on and Senda is solving that problem by producing high quality durable balls meant for the streets. So, the next time you want to go out and play, #NoGrassNoProblem.

Street Soccer is synonymous with the grassroots soccer movement in the United States. Throughout the soccer community, youth soccer has been suffering from the "pay to play" model. Instead of extolling values such as community, teamwork, and having fun, the mentality to win has taken precedence. Street Soccer offers a model to break through this development.

Street Soccer

You can practice your skills around your neighborhood, with your friends, and play the game we all love. While Senda is primarily a fair-trade equipment company for street soccer, at the end of the day we want to get out and play street soccer just as much as every other player out there.

Featured in the video, there are many street soccer players that have developed their craft in the streets and taken their talents to the next level. Featured in the video we have Abou Traore,who has joined Cirque du Soleil for ‘Luzia.’ Traore was twenty-one when he started playing ‘fútbol freestyle.’ His interest was piqued when he watched the Cirque performers on TV and YouTube doing ‘amazing acrobatics.’ When a casting call was put out, Abou responded, “It was like a dream when I got a call back. Five years ago, I was playing street soccer on the street and the work pays,” he said.

Street Soccer

In addition, we also have Nick Rogers, who grew up in Orange County, CA and is developing a pickup/ street soccer style, also known as “Panna”. He coaches youth street soccer in Northern California, in the city of Rohnert Park.

Lastly, there is Dania Cabello, a bay area native who went on to feature for Santos FC of Brazil in 2006. Working previously as a sports liberation educator, she facilitated lessons for the youth exploring the historical roots of oppression in street soccer and society. She currently teaches a methods course at St. Mary’s College exploring how to implement physical education and sports programs.

Street Soccer is a blossoming sport in the United States, and Senda is excited to see the development of futsal freestyle accompanying this movement.

Street Soccer

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