SENDA launches a Game-Changing Futsal Shoe - now available exclusively on

SENDA launches a Game-Changing Futsal Shoe - now available exclusively on

Introducing the Senda USHUAIA PRO Futsal Shoe! 

We are extremely proud to introduce our first edition of futsal footwear: meet the USHUAIA PRO, named after the southernmost city in Argentina known for its natural beauty & mountain ranges.

The first edition is available now through October 17th exclusively through here.

For the past two years, we set out to create the most technically advanced futsal specific shoe on the market. Before the USHUAIA PRO, there was no shoe that was designed this specific needs of the sport of futsal. Thus, Senda was determined to create the USHUAIA PRO the most technically advanced futsal specific shoe on the market. One that unleashes a players' full potential with both comfort and functionality, and serves their beloved futsal community!

The Shoe

With increased breathability, super lightweight, soft cushioning, superior grip, and high flexibility, this game-changing shoe was built to enable peak performance! 

USHUAIA PROThe Senda USHUAIA PRO is unique from other futsal shoes because of its futsal-specific design. Its rubber sole provides superior grip, as well as 5 pivoting points for a quick change of direction with no slipping. The upper is made combining natural leather on the front of the shoe, and a unique 3D mesh construction that provides increased breathability to keep your feet cool longer during play. The USHUAIA PRO is highly flexible, for excellent ball control and precision passing. The shoe’s midsole provides incredibly soft cushioning, protecting knees and heels from the impact of playing on hard surfaces. And to optimize speed and agility, the USHUAIA PRO is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 9 ounces. The high-quality materials used to make the USHUAIA PRO and its reinforced stitching allow for a durable shoe that will last!

What players think




Players as big as Santiago Basile (Argentinian Futsal World Cup winner in 2016 and Boca Juniors top player), Cecilia Lopez (Argentinian National Team player and a key player at San Lorenzo), and Brian Steccato (Argentinian National Team player and a key player at San Lorenzo) have tested the USHUAIA PRO and commended its fine balance between comfort and functionality!




Additionally, our shoes are made in an ethical way by ensuring safe working conditions for all workers. Senda is defined by its commitment to Fair Trade standards. We identified a manufacturer that has been making premium quality shoes since 1991 and shares our commitment to workers’ well-being. As we grow into the shoe market we aim to secure fair trade certification for our partners, to proudly show this certification across our new line of products.

First in the industry Trade-In program

Senda Trade-In Program

We also designed a trade-in program that saves players money, enables them to play in premium futsal shoes, and supports underprivileged youth. 

Here’s how it works: once a player outgrows their shoes they send them back to us, receive a 25% discount on their next pair, and we recondition their shoes for underprivileged players in social programs. It’s a true win-win and we couldn’t be more proud of this initiative.


Players and parents can pre-order their own pair of the first edition now, exclusively available at Orders must be placed by Oct 17th with delivery in January. Players can beat their rivals to be the first to play in these new technically advanced shoes.


Shipping will be available worldwide so anyone can order their own pair of USHUAIA PRO shoes!

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