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Summer is Here! Senda’s Playa Beach Soccer Ball, Official Ball of Summertime!

Sweet Summer means Beach Soccer! On June 11th-12th, Senda took part in the 12th Annual Pro-Am Santa Cruz Open in California. This is the biggest Beach Soccer Tournament in Northern California, and the Senda Playa Beach Soccer Ball was the official game ball for the 4th consecutive year. Some of the best youth clubs in the area participated, including ACC Mavericks, Almaden FC, Ballistic United SC, Dublin United, San Ramon, SF Vikings, and East Bay Tottenham Spurs, among others. Want to get an idea of how awesome this event is? Check out the video further onBeach Soccer, also known as Beach Football, has grown incredibly popular over the past few years in the U.S. and all around the world. Literally, anywhere you can find a parcel of sand and soccer loving people, you can be sure to find teammates to play Beach Soccer with. That includes a lot of places, and a lot of people, in the Beach Soccer community.


Quoting Beach Soccer USA: “Each team consists of five players, including the goalkeeper and an unlimited amount of substitutions, from a selection of 3 to 5 players. […] A game lasts 36 minutes and is split up into three 12 minute periods. […] The pitch is considerably smaller than a regular football pitch, of rectangular shape, and the touch line is longer than the goal line.” While keeping all the joy of soccer and allowing you to take the game anywhere, Beach Soccer emphasises skill, agility, and shooting at goal, which makes it a very active and exciting version of the game. Senda’s Playa Beach Soccer Ball is a piece of art designed for the best Beach Soccer experience.

The ball is designed with 6 large water resistant panels which provide a soft, abrasion resistant ball. Minimizing the number of panels allows for better impact with barefoot play. Each panel is hand stitched, providing tighter and stronger seams, and extended durability with higher performance; Intended for gameplay on sand (and alternative grass games).

The ball features 4 layers of polyester/cotton hybrid linings placed between the cover and the latex bladder to help the ball retain its shape and bounce. An inflatable latex bladder offers the softest feel and provides better surface tension. Last but not least, all Senda balls are

Last but not least, all Senda balls are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring all workers receive at least the national minimum wage, that there is no child labor involved and that the health and safety of workers are safeguarded.

Senda’s Fair Trade Playa Beach Soccer Ball is guaranteed to provide you could with the best playing experience on the beach this summer – and for the many more to come! See you on the sand, enjoy the sun and #PlayJoyfully!

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