The Importance of Technical Socks

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Everybody knows that having good sport shoes may not be enough to get the best performance. But it is not a question of performance only, it is about comfort and injuries too. 

Futsal entails a combination of sprints, stops and pivots. Shoes that are not the correct size, are too tight or too loose may result in uncomfortable blisters especially on the heels and soles of the feet.

But, why do blisters appear?

Many factors can contribute to the appearance of blisters, the most important being: Friction, Heat and Sweat.

Blisters appear as a consequence of the friction between shoes and feet. Body weight, air temperature, humidity of the feet and sweat also contribute to developing blisters. When your feet start to sweat, you are likely to  suffer from foot slippery since sweat is not properly absorbed.

What should you do to avoid blisters? 

1- Avoid sweaty feet 
Since sweat can make the feet move and the friction can cause blisters, controlling sweaty feet is a key issue; so between games, wear flip-flops or sandals to help your feet to stay dry. Also, add foot powder to your routine.

2- Choose the right shoe
Choose shoes that are made with breathable materials, such as Senda Ushuaia Club and Senda Ushuaia Pro, to keep the feet cool. Also remember that your shoes should not be neither too loose nor too tight to prevent feet from causing friction or feeling uncomfortable.

3- Choose high quality socks 
The choice of socks is not less important. Good socks could provide the solution to blisters among other inconveniences.  The so-called ‘grip socks’ are basically socks made to reduce the amount of slippery inside the shoe. They are made by adding a rubber grip element to the sole of the sock. They also help absorb the sweat and keep the foot dry.

So, how important are socks to prevent blisters?

Experienced players agree that socks are really important to avoid blisters and slippery feet, but not any sports socks. High quality socks -grip socks even more desirable- can: 

1- Help the shoe fit better

Grip socks will help the shoe fit better because once your feet are sweat they start moving and as a consequence you lose control of your movements.

2- Help your feet stay dry
Sport socks may not be as high quality as grip socks and  usually get worn after a couple of uses, so they get thinner on the sole and around the toes and when your feet sweat, they do not absorb it, which is not only uncomfortable but also not recommended to avoid blisters.   

3- Help to prevent unwanted injuries
Grip socks can reduce the impact your feet are exposed to when playing futsal or soccer by keeping the feet in the right position without making you feel it very tight and uncomfortable. This can avoid injuries which are a constant threat to players. 

Since he has started to wear socks with special grip he has solved the possible blisters and most importantly, he has solved the problem of slippery feet.

The voice of the experts 

We have consulted our Senda Ambassadors, Eliana Medina and Santiago Basile, professional futsal players in Argentina. 

Eliana, for example, mentioned that she can not wear common socks.She needs special cotton socks and she can not wear them more than 4 or 5 times because the sole of the sock gets worn and her feet get in contact with the insole of the shoe causing sweat, thus blisters. 

Santiago mentioned that even when he did not have blisters he needed two pairs of socks. Since he has started to wear socks with special grip he has solved the possible blisters and most importantly, he has solved the problem of slippery feet, because when socks are new, they prevent  the feet from moving when they are sweaty. 

To conclude, you should start thinking about incorporating high quality  grip socks to your routine. Wear them not only when training but also in your games. Be sure to have more than one pair with all your equipment. You will see better results in a couple of days and will find yourself not worrying about blisters or injuries in the future.

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