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Capture the essence of your team’s spirit on a uniform, custom designed just for you.

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Senda's promise

Offering clubs and players the quality, bespoke designs, and service normally reserved for pros

100% Personalizable

From your logo and colors to custom images
and designs - when it comes to customizing 

your apparel, the sky is the limit!

Top rated quality

We combine best-in-class materials
with unparalleled craftsmanship to produce
top performance & durable apparel. 

You create, we assist

We’re all about the bespoke - making custom sportswear that’s uniquely yours. Count on our design team to turn your vision into reality.

Premium quality to help you achieve & maintain top performance

Male & Female
Fit Available

Designed for comfort

Built to last

Premium Fabrics

Moisture wicking



Any color

Any pattern

Any embellishment

Premium quality to help you achieve & maintain performance 

Male & Female
Fit Available


for Comfort




to last

Any color

Any pattern

Any embellishment

“Senda is the brand of the future and we are extremely honored to be the first club to ever wear these uniforms.”

The best part about creating something is that when you get to see it, feel it, and share it, you also feel a sense of pride. Everything comes together; the hours spent by all of Senda and Sudamerica team members, but most importantly, you can feel that corners were not cut. There was a lot of love during this kit creation process and to see our players wear the jersey and colors, it makes us incredibly proud. None of this would have happened if it wasn't because of the wonderful teamwork and care.

Richard Ortega,

Sudamerica Futsal Founder & Director

My new Senda uniform feels great! They are very breathable, very comfortable to play with and very good fitting!


Sudamerica player

I really like the designs on my uniform, they really make me pop! It’s so different from what other teams have. Definitely a 10 out of 10!


Sudamerica player

I feel really good in my uniform, it fits me well and it’s breathable,

not like other uniforms I’ve worn!


Sudamerica player

How it works, step by step

Share your colors, values, mottoes - all the things that make you stand out

Work with our award-winning team on a custom uniform that captures your team’s soul

Represent your club in a bespoke uniform that you can wear with pride

Partnering with Senda

Our goal at Senda is to make top quality Fair Trade equipment that connects and benefits athletes, and to promote sports as a tool for development. We welcome teams, clubs and organizations that shares our passion for Futsal and Soccer and wants to help us promote it at the grassroots level.

We’ve partnered with some of the best organizations in the Futsal and Soccer world including US Youth Futsal, Sudamerica Futsal, Rose City Futsal (OR), City Futsal (TX), Oakland Roots, Soccer without Borders and Street Soccer USA.  

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