Our Story v2


Senda was created in 2010 after the realization that too much money was being spent on soccer advertisements and too little on making quality products and paying fair wages. In addition, the pure joy and community of the beautiful game was replaced with a Win-At-All-Costs mentality across too many soccer fields. It was time for change.



Senda customers help provide living wages to workers making premium quality soccer balls in Fair Trade working conditions, giving them the freedom to focus on craftsmanship. Further, Senda focuses on promoting joy and community through the beautiful game, which goes hand-in-hand with achieving results on and off the field.



Argentina-raised Santiago found solace in soccer and its community after moving to the U.S. to pursue a new life and education. The ability to connect with people through the sport helped him see the power of the game in a new light, but he discovered that something wasn’t quite right about the soccer industry.



Make the highest quality, ethically-made gear in the World and build a movement that transforms the way people interact with the game.